In Between Branches  A composition for forest and microphone hiss
Where does a forest end? To answer this question sound artist Stijn Demeulenaere went looking for the nearest forest. It turned out to be the Forêt des Soignes, one of the oldest forests of Belgium, just outside his home in Brussels. Off course, forests end where the city begins. But can one draw that line so clearly? Is the change that direct, that abrupt? Or does it happen sooner, more gradually? Stijn Demeulenaere went looking for the border between forest and society. For the limit where sounds of the forest morph into sound of the inhabited world, even if you’re still standing amongst trees. The forest is cut in two by two major highways and a railroad track. How much does their sound spill over the border? How does this auditory no-mans-land sound?
In Between Branches was commissioned by the Kokopelli Festival 2011.