Les Miettes du Festin  (Duet from Ovidius's Metamorphoses)
Monthy theater, Anvers 2005

Text/voice : Daniel Franco
Readings & drums : Alexandre Le Petit
                                                                                                 For Narcissus.
"I am he. I sense it and I am not deceived by my own image. I am burning with love for myself. I move and bear the flames. What shall I do? Surely not court and be courted? Why court then? What I want I have. My riches make me poor. O I wish I could leave my own body! Strange prayer for a lover, I desire what I love to be distant from me. Now sadness takes away my strength, not much time is left for me to live, and I am cut off in the prime of youth. Nor is dying painful to me, laying down my sadness in death. I wish that him I love might live on, but now we shall die united, two in one spirit."
                                                                            Ovidius, in Metamorphoses