La Salle non Balayée  (three intertwinted soli from Ovidius's Metamorphoses)
Nadine, Brussels 2005
Text/voice : Daniel Franco
Dance : Riina Sastamoinen
Percussions/drums : Alexandre Le Petit
For Echo.
" (...) Scorned, she wanders in the woods and hides her face in shame among the leaves, and from that time on lives in lonely caves. But still her love endures, increased by the sadness of rejection. Her sleepless thoughts waste her sad form, and her body’s strength vanishes into the air. Only her bones and the sound of her voice are left. Her voice remains, her bones, they say, were changed to shapes of stone. She hides in the woods, no longer to be seen on the hills, but to be heard by everyone. It is sound that lives in her."

                                                                               Ovidius, in Metamorphoses