Ghost Notes  (performative installation)
Concept & creation : Alexandre Le Petit & Tawny Andersen, avec Pierre Joachim
Ghost Notes -variation#1- on Feb 23rd, 2012 - in Plankton fest. at Beursschouwburg (Bxl, BE)
Shadow Box, from 20h till 01h
In music, a 'ghost note' is a sign that may not appear in the score, or even be performed, but that is nonetheless perceived as a result of the creative implication of the listener. All around us in our everyday lives - in the way we speak to one another or in the way we name things - we create bridges between the past and our understanding of the 'now'. Thinking is creating a fiction that summons the ghosts of the past into a tale of the future. But how can a thought be represented? What is the possibility of agency of this disembodied idea, offered up to the subjectivity of our gaze? Between physical absence and immaterial presence, the traces of its journey form the shape of our world.
"The Thing is neither dead nor alive, it is dead and alive at the same time.
It survives. At once cunning, inventive, and machine-like, ingenious and unpredictable, this war machine is a theatrical machine, a mekhane.
What one has just seen across the stage is an apparition, a quasi-divinity fallen from the sky or come out of the earth."
- Derrida in Spectres of Marx
 Pic by Alexa Vachon (c)
Have you heard the argument? Is there no offence in 't?
No, no, they do but jest, poison in jest; no offence
i' the world.
What do you call the play?
The Mouse-trap.
- Shakespeare in Hamlet, Act III - Sc. II
With the support of versonatura // Pianofabriek // Beursschouwburg